Study On The Go

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On-line education is a new generation tool that has been rightly adopted by MIBM. In this education model, the courses of MIBM coursework are delivered via Internet. Here content to concept everything is delivered online. This education gives you enough time to set your own study time from anywhere in the world. The ability to communicate and interact with students all over the country or even the world provides unique advantage to the student. Here at MIBM, we archive and record study materials so that they can be retrieved by e-mail for reading, downloading or printing. Our councilors are also available at your convenient times and respond quickly through email or call if needed. MIBM has put its best foot forward for providing the best STUDY ON THE GO FACILITY.

The other aims of MIBM for adopting and further enhancing its STUDY ON THE GO goal are:

1. Improving Access to Higher Education

This has been widely regarded as a crucial tool to widen the access of all to higher levels of education to enhance their quality. These programs of MIBM may be regarded as contributing to the enhancement of it, not only locally or regionally but globally as well. These courses can help popularize new learning approaches and make knowledge reachable for everyone with the availability of affordable technologies. Moreover MIBM increase access to an extraordinary number of courses opens opportunities globally to students who have varied goals to achieve.

2. Providing an Affordable Alternative to Formal Education

The costs of tertiary education continue to increase because institutions tend to bundle too many services. With online courses of MIBM, some of these costs automatically get cut off. Our courses can be accessed by large number of people, anywhere and, are open to everyone.

3. Sustainable Development Goals

Online courses of MIBM can be seen as a form of open education offered through online platforms. The (initial) philosophy of it is to open up quality Higher Education to a wider audience.

4. Offers a Flexible Learning Schedule

Certain ebooks, notes and tests can be accessed at any time compared to scheduled class times. One of the chief advantages of the online programs and adoption of the study on the go policy is the flexible learning schedule that only MIBM can offer.

5. Online Collaboration

Our learning environments make it easier for learners across the globe to work together on common goals. The major plus point is the collaboration that is enabled by this system of learning. The basic benefit of the online programs is the flexibility of communication and the entire learning process that MIBM is offering. The students can adjust their schedules between projects, assignments etc . And more can be completed in less time further Digital literacy is necessary to make use of the online materials.

Below we have further listed some of the other benefits the STUDY ON THE GO policy has to offer:

  • The time, effort and opportunity cost are much lower in this case of online programs and study on the go methodology.
  • Students get to regulate and adjust their schedules and grow at their own pace
  • There are no language and translating problems of the candidates.

Effects on the structure of higher education were also lamented and indeed in all of higher educa-tion. The online distance education provided by MIBM has come a long way since its inception, and more developments are likely to come in the upcoming days. We are also constantly exploring with new technological developments which would continue to add to the advantages that online learning may offer for students enrolling here and help them achieve their goals compared to traditional learning methodlogies. Protection Status