Practical & Interactive Participation

Practical & Interactive Participation

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MIBM Global always reminds its students that participation is one of the most important instructional strategies—that has ease of access, extremely straight forward, and is expected. As an online education provider we realize the importance of participation and we believe that Interactive participation has the following benefits and thus, it is an integral part of our teaching methods:

Participation Adds Interest— We understand that one sided lectures from professors create monotony and may divert your attention, therefore, to keep your interest running we promote interactive learning methods.

MIBM is all about active involvement of the students and their constant participation in the entire process. This is followed because we do not want our students to be a passive part of the process. The counseling of MIBM are not just another subject discussion. They frequently become a `facilitator’ or `coach’ or a guide , and often at times, we modify the study material content to allow the students participation.

We at MIBM have observed from our past experiences that increased attention and motivation due to participation enhance memory. We realize that to make the students remain focused, it is important to include interactive learning methodologies which stimulate interest in a student and help to maintain attention.

Thus, here at MIBM, by encouraging applications to `life like’ situations or focusing on knotted issues, interactive learning also inspires the students to read and learn more. A `distinguished’ kind of learning in order to increase rate of student participation, We focus on gaining their attention and increase their motivation, which is promoted by interactive learning. This includes the analysis of material, application to other situations and evaluation of the material presented. Practical and interactive participation can facilitate problem-solving and decision-making, communication skills and `thinking on your feet’. This is particularly important in management education where the application and use of information is as important as the retention and recall of facts.

We at MIBM make the best efforts to promote and encourage practical and interactive participation through our highly rated online courses. We realize the importance of modern day interactive learning. We make an effort to make our programs interactive and thought provoking by offering study materials that will help the student to think beyond the box. Creative and unique thinking is an important approach towards successful career. Thus, our practical and interactive approach will not only help you understand the course but also make you future ready for your career. Protection Status Error : Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'user_id' at row 1