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Matrix Institute of Business Management aims at providing the scholars and professionals with artistic and innovative ways to earn their online MBA and grooms them to achieve a lucrative career. MIBM offers the best Master Program in Business Administration. The focus of this programme is on innovative and practical elements of entrepreneurship and creative thinking about forecasting, finance and managing the capital. The curriculum has been designed by expert professionals in the field that are proficient and knowledgeable about the industry’s requirements and this helps the students in the development of potential for businesses management at an International level. One year online MBA Program by MIBM has been crafted to provide the students with result oriented business studies which lead to a future full of outstanding opportunities and prospects. Here, easy and instant access to the course is offered and the duration is something that the students appreciate as they can get the certification from an accredited institute almost instantly. The 1 year MBA Program opens a door to stable and well paid career opportunities for you in corporate and multinationals located globally.

MIBM has come up with the best one year MBA program which makes the aspirants worthy enough to climb the corporate ladder and handle a managerial position. It focuses on the more complex management practices and models.Our faculty is highly proficient and regularly updates, re-designs and revises the curriculum to provide the students with a well-made curriculum that trains them for the real-world experience. The entire course of MBA in one year expands the knowledge of the students in Business management through theoretical and practical knowledge. This innovative and unique top online one year MBA that provides better knowledge in the management field in a short span promises to groom the students and corporate professionals in all possible ways. We provide a plethora of courses in numerous fields and our counsellors will help you to choose the one that fits your requirement. Students who are keen on grasping a chance in business studies within a short period of time can enrol in this attributed institute to gain the entire course work within1 year. There are many specialisation options available with the course to choose from. This one year MBA Program is also beneficial for those looking forward to start their entrepreneur career. This course has been designed specifically to cater the needs of experienced employees as well as freshers who need to upgrade their skillsets.

How Are Our Courses Designed ?

MIBM’s abridged form of study material and course for One Year online MBA provides you with the ease of online learning in the field of Business administration. This course has been designed to help the professionals in the field to conveniently fathom the business domain through a condensed curriculum put together by our experts of the domain. This One year MBA Program offers the maximum benefits with its easy online accessibility along with guidance and study material. This One Year Online MBA in One year has a wide range of courses that are regularly updated and this comprehensive course is available for aspirants at a reasonable price and lesser duration. MIBM courses help you to learn how to manage a business and run it with affluence thus, this leading institute provides online courses that improves your entrepreneurial skills. This program also forms the base for the higher education. This course is most sought after by the working professionals to achieve better resume and land up in good jobs and all this can be done at competitive prices as compared to on-campus. At MIBM, we make sure that you get access to the course from the convenience of your home with the help of the online course materials. This means getting complete freedom to schedule your studies as per your convenience.

Why Should You Opt For Online Master Program In Business Administration 1 Year ?

One year Online MBA Program by MIBM is a course that is rigorous and has been designed to attract the brightest minds in the field of business management and operations.It is a rewarding program which is comprehensively researched and compiled together by specialists in the field for scholars, professionals and experts in management. This program will certainly help you to gain expert skills in business management and administration. MIBM’s team of mentors include industry-recognised faculty that has 20 years of experience in the teaching and working. Our updated coursework under the guidance of experts helps you to earn a certification that leads to success. The curriculum of MBA in one year consists of a theoretical grip of real-time business situations, research, case studies, and presentations that are done with practical experiences. This One Year Master Program in Business Administration Certification will help you to master the field of Business administration and become a specialist in handling the business operations. With its innovative approach towards teaching, MIBM pays attention to the details of the course and students get a chance to learn from the existing business models and work on them to make new implementations. This top online one year MBA program, gives access to a learning environment that fosters collaborative learning through online groups and forums. Students also get an opportunity to discuss the latest business skills and trends that helps in enhancing their business intellect and knowledge within a short period of time.

Online Master Program in Business Administration  1 Year

Benefits Of Online MBA One Year Program

  • Being an online program, this course can be applied and attended from any place across the globe
  • Well designed and latest curriculum to match up the global standards of an MBA program.
  • Within a span of one year of the course you will be transformed into a top-notch level professional.
  • This program offers a highly knowledgeable forum, where you will be able to receive novel ideas, insights and guidance throughout the curriculum.
  • Complete freedom to choose your own schedule and place to learn.

Eligibility For One year Online MBA

Graduates with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognised institute are eligible for enrollment in our one year MBA program. The Master Program in Business Administration is an online course and therefore, it is easily accessible to our students across the globe.


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
Semester 2
  • Legal Environment and Business Law
  • Management Information System
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Business Communication
  • Elective Subject
  • Elective Subject

Flexible Payment Options For One Year Online MBA

This best one year MBA Program is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses. We have multiple options to make payments for the course so that the finances doesn’t bother you. Fees can be paid in installment while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. You can also make the payments online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top Reasons To Choose One Year Online MBA

  • One year MBA program offered by MIBM will help you to change your field from technical to management by helping you to learn the required skills of business.
  • The curriculum of this program is update at the regular intervals for the students to be in aware of the e latest trends, conventions and patterns in the business, so that they gain insights about the future.
  • No other one year online MBA in India provides such a wide-range of course that assists the business professionals to achieve a grand career.
  • MIBM has priced this course very reasonably, therefore, it will not burn a hole in your pocket, and you can complete your course at competitive prices.
  • It is convenient to enroll in the course and access all the online content from around the globe. You can choose to study at your own suitable hours from anywhere and seek online help from the counsellor.
  • MIBM’s one year MBA will help you to gain practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of business which will make you an expert in the field.
  • Being one of the best rated online B-schools it provides access and re-access to all online material at any time thus you needn’t worry about missing the brick and mortar college.
  • Our online notes will help you manage your professional as well as educational life in a better manner.
  • Location is no hindrance for the online Master Program in Business Administration Certification 1 year as students from all over the world can get connected to us as per the requirement through chat groups, e-mails, telephones, etc.
  • MIBM has well trained counsellors to provide best counselling along with about 20 years of experience in education with well-designed learning model.

Career Opportunities After One Year Online MBA

MBA in One year focuses on enhancing your concepts and knowledge in the field of management and business and your career will accelerate at higher level. There are numerous job opportunities available after the online Master Program in Business Administration as you excel in various aspects and attain the best jobs in finance, sales, banks, private or public sectors etc. Here are few opportunities to look forward to:

  • 1 Business Analysis Specialist
  • 2 Risk assessment specialist
  • 3 Management Professer
  • 4 Business Administrator
  • 5 Manager Operations
  • 6 Marketing-Oriented Research
Master Program in Business Administration 1 Year  In India
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