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Matrix Institute of Business Management or MIBM Global in Noida is an ISO certified institute with a difference as we are prominent education providers with 20 years of experience and expertise in bestowing educational and professional growth to our students. We take pride in offering you best methods of education based on active interaction and personal attention and therefore, we are one of the best online BBA Institute in India. MIBM strives to create a learning environment that is a blend of professional practice and theoretical knowledge and nurtures an apprehending awareness about the diversity in the fast changing world. At MIBM our educational philosophies are designed on the basis of developing values like understanding, tolerance and freedom of thoughts.

We have compiled a great team of professors, specialists and experts from corporate sectors to put together an institution which directs the path towards a thriving and booming career. If you are looking for pursuing a career with multi-national companies worldwide, you will be well-equipped for future management positions through MIBM’s online BBA Courses. Now you can get high quality global education in India as we apprehend that the businesses nowadays thrive in a highly competitive marketplace and our courses are a pathway that leads to fostering of successful strategies and plans that directs towards accomplishment.

We at MIBM contribute towards providing economic and academic development of our students and the knowledge imparted by connoisseurs from our team facilitates them in achieving high professional growth. Education standards at our BBA Program is highly appreciated throughout the world by numerous multinational companies and corporates and aspirants can enroll for BBA/MBA certification programs, online or part time. Online BBA Courses by MIBM prepares the students to analyze the business operations and identify the volatile markets to act accordingly.

How Are Our Courses Designed ?

Online BBA Certification at MIBM are designed to empower the students with adequate skills and knowledge that will help them achieve great career after their graduation or becomes a stepping stone for the specialized Master Program in Business Administration Certification . MIBM being the reputed Online BBA Institute, has laid strong focus on entrepreneurship and practical skills of International quality so that there is more encouragement to innovation and management. We provide one of the top Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification in India with up-to-the-minute technology in management and IT sector. The program has been formulated to train business professionals with ability to work with strategies and plans to achieve success.

Online BBA Program in India has been designed by MIBM to provide the students with a strong foundation in fundamentals of business and its application in the real world. With a Bachelor’s Program in Business administration Certification, students can opt for managerial and administrative roles in any sector globally. The underlying principle of the programs designed by us is to deliver a career path to learners in the Business sector. We are dedicated professionals looking forward to build a task force of managers, team leaders, and front runners through learning that is crucial in the industry.

These are the main objectives of Online BBA Courses for Certification designed by MIBM :

  • To refurbish logical and theoretical skills in all the real-world expanses of Business Management
  • To advance the student’s ability to utilize multiple methodologies so that multifaceted business glitches can be overcome
  • To help apprehend the strategic insights of the rapidly moving global set-up
  • To get hands-on training through a systematic methodology
  • To obtain exceptional abilities for professions in your precise field
  • To enhance your overall personality and communication skills

Why Should You Choose Online Bachelor Program In Business Administration Certification?

Why Should You Choose Online Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification?

The Bachelor of Business Administration Certification is formulated for high school students, who are keen on pursuing their careers globally. Online BBA Program for Certification by MIBM has been devised in a manner so that you are enriched with the knowledge about the primary business aspects and this online Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification course that provides a perfect base for Master Program in Business Administration Certification aspirants. If you are considering a protuberant career globally in the field of business management, then Online BBA Certification is the foundation of your career. Our Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification is one of the best Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification in India and it is a three year program that helps you to initiate a professional career in corporate sector or pursue towards higher studies in Master Program in Business Administration Certification. This online BBA Course in India covers almost all the disciplines of the Master Program in Business Administration Certification and when you step out after the course you are quite dexterous to handle all the basic strategies and principles of Businesses. Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification students have to study mandatory courses in Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, General Business law, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Strategy and Computer Applications and after implementation of Best Online BBA Certification successfully, you acquire bounteous skills and knowledge in the field of Business Management and communication. Your overall personality and logical reasoning is sure to get a major boost with confidence soaring high.

Online Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification Courses

Benefits Of Online Bachelor Program In Business Administration Certification

Even if you are living far away from the University or outside the country, you can enroll to our online BBA institute for the program and pursue your education.

All you require is a steady internet connection and the course is available at your desktop at any- time.

You can easily participate in online discussions and can also join the forums to get answer to your queries.

You can study online from the proximity of your home and don’t have to travel long distances every-day to attend college or university.

Online BBA Certification is reasonable as compared to attending a university or campus and you save a great deal on hostel accommodation and travelling charges.

Eligibility For Online Bachelor Program In Business Administration Certification

Students that have passed their secondary education or 12th Standard from a recognized and reputed board or college are eligible to be enrolled in the online BBA course. The mentioned boards must be recognized by the Government of India. All the courses will be taught in English so they must have good command in English language to enroll in online BBA program for Certification in India.


Semester 1
  • Business Organization
  • Business Mathematics
  • Principles of Economics
  • Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
  • Business Laws
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Business Ethics
Semester 2
  • Business Environment
  • Business Communication
  • Indian Economy
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Business Statistics
Semester 3
  • Advertising Management
  • Indian Banking System
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Company Accounts
  • Company Law
Semester 4
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • Sales Management
  • Research Methodolog
  • Operations Research
Semester 5
  • Entrepreneurship
    Small Business Management
  • Income Tax Law and Account
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Industrial Law
  • Computer Fundamental
Semester 6
  • Strategic Management & Business Policy
  • GST
  • Management Information System
  • Auditing
  • Fundamental of E-Commerce

Note: 18% GST Included

Flexi Option For Payments For Online Bachelor Program In Business Administration Certification Course

Fees for the best Online BBA Certification at our BBA institute in India is quite reasonable as compared to full time university courses and can be paid in installments while you are learning, so MIBM offers ‘Pay as you learn’ option for the students. The fee can be paid online via Net banking, NEFT, or through Credit or Debit card.

Top Reasons To Choose MIBM Global

  • You will be enrolled in a globally recognized online BBA Course for Certification in India which is recognized by top corporates throughout the world.
  • Placement assistance is provided through MIBM and during the course a dedicated counsellor is provided to every online student that assists you in every manner.
  • Students gain advanced skill level while they learn and course materials are organized and well designed with lectures, notes, contextual analysis, case studies and practical training in the field.
  • We provide top notch assistance for online classes that have 20 years of experience and expertise in the field and they provide formative assessment to enhance your achievements. Assessment materials are available through eBooks for learning.
  • Courses are comprehensively designed like traditional Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification courses, which provide detailed knowledge to the students. You will also get access to study materials and reference books for studying online.
  • MIBM provides counseling to the students that are confused about their course specialization or duration. All your modules are supervised continuously.
  • You can complete your online BBA program for Certification in India within three years online and can work while you study online, so even if you have an on-going job, you can opt for classes at flexible hours.
  • Core management subjects are taught with hands on knowledge, and once the course is completed, there is great demand in the market for management professionals.
  • Online Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification by our online BBA Institute is accepted worldwide and the study material is designed by keeping in mind the global standards of education. Our Online Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification’s online material can be accessed on multiple platforms.
  • This Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification is more affordable and financially viable and is available with easy payment options. With notes and courses accessible from your desktops and laptops, you can study when and where you want for Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification online.

Career Opportunities After BBA Certification Online

After graduating with online BBA Course for Certification, you will be ready to opt for management and administrative roles in corporate and multinational companies worldwide as you will have gained both practical and theoretical knowledge through Online Bachelor Program in Business Administration Certification. You can also enroll for higher studies such as Master Program in Business Administration Certification to gain advanced academic knowledge about global business concepts. After the post-graduation in business management you will be ready for senior roles in global organizations. Other career options are :

  • 1 Finance managers
  • 2 Business consultants
  • 3 Administration researcher
  • 4 Administration professor
  • 5 Production manager
  • 6 HR manager
  • 7 Business Ethics
  • 8 Information system manager
  • 9 Management accountants
  • 10 Marketing managers
  • 11 Research and development managers
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