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MIBM Global provides the best globally accepted MBA for professionals.At MIBM, you can adapt an enthusiastic and authentic faculty that provides you the jewel of mastery in Business. The syllabus and curriculum have been designed accordingly for online MBA in two year certification programmes. At MIBM, you can experience a real world practically convenient, flexible and collaboration of teaching management level methodology for online learning. There are certain courses in MBA that includes particular subjects, along with you can pursue your management course.

The online learning adds fuel to your dreams of attending a virtual classroom with professional guidance. Your search for ‘fast track MBA college near me’ will come to end at MIBM.To enrol for the fast track online MBA programs you must contain certain skills and qualities that shows your leadership skills. You can parallel handle your job and study, once you become a part of our online learning sessions. We believe in working with dedication and create a long lasting impact on the highly deserving students. With MIBM you can stop worrying about the cost of the program as you can pursue an advanced program in online two years fast track MBA Certification at the competitively priced institution. Two year online MBA from MIBM Global will provide you with courses that will help you in advancing your career at a new level. We offer counsellors who are industry-expert, student support, unparalleled technology and career counselling to help you accomplishing this program. During the course with numerous specializations, you will learn to lead new business ventures that initiate further new ideas into the current market. The focus of our fast track 2 year MBA Certification in India is on innovative and practical elements of entrepreneurship and creative thinking about forecasting, finance and managing the capital. Getting enrolled in MIBM will make you understand the financial analysis and development strategies to enhance the output and outcomes in a corporate or business.

How our courses are designed?

MIBM has designed the two years fast track Certification program online in such a way that you gain a new perspective on handling the businesses worldwide. This will also broaden your intellectual and cultural horizon. The program includes the latest management techniques in diverse fields like HR, International trade, Marketing etc. We at MIBM employ new methodologies besides regular counseling to make sure that learning is amplified through techniques like case studies. With our online MBA in two year Certification program, students can study the different traits of management, business and administration. This will enhance their knowledge about business ethics, organizational behaviour, accounting, marketing and human resources.

This globally accepted MBA for professionals by MIBM allows the students to focus on particular areas of management and business and you have to undergo internship or a research project for hands-on knowledge in the field. This program also offers specialization in the field so that you can work on top-notch management positions worldwide. Professionals with this certification can move ahead into any industry.

Salient features of the program

  • To help the students increase their theoretical and logical skills through hands-on experience in the real world.
  • To enhance your ability to design strategies and apply methodologies to overcome business problems with ease.
  • To improve your communication skills, personality, and management skills.
  • To provide you with hands-on training by internship or research work in the real world.
  • To infuse you with exceptional professional abilities in your respective fields.
  • To help you learn the insights and perceptions of the ever-changing global platform.

Why Should You Get Enrolled To Fast Track Online MBA Certification?

Two years online MBA from MIBM Global has many advantages like higher salary, senior management position, and development of managerial skills. It also gives opportunity to learn about everything that makes a company tick like manufacturing, advertising and selling your products. Online Master Program in Business Administration Certification also trains the students about maintaining the company’s finances, its positive image, gathering the industry’s data, hiring the right people and to create hierarchies that help the company flourish. This program will push you out of your comfort zone and will teach you how to cope up with real issues in the International business market. You will learn the latest techniques of management and will also get networking opportunities through fellow students, teaching staff and alumni network that helps accentuate your business management capabilities. You will also get a chance to meet potential employers during your practical training period. Two years fast track MBA online assures higher packages and salaries as compared to other postgraduate programs, so choosing two years fast track MBA Certification online course can help you achieve your dream career with ease. If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur in future then, our program can help you acquire knowledge and skills for running the business successfully. Online MBA in two years gives you higher chances of obtaining a high-level management position.

Fast Track Online Master Program in Business Administration

Advantages Of Fast Track Two Year Online MBACertification

  • E-Learning: The top rated two years online fast track MBA Certification provides you with learning in the virtual world, and you will get to study from the comfort of your homes without any need to travel to a particular location to complete the course. All you require is a laptop or desktop computer with a steady internet connection.
  • Cost of the program: While course fee for the traditional Master Program in Business Administration is relatively higher, fee structure of online two year MBA from MIBM is affordable and students do not have to face any financial worries when enrolled for Master Program in Business Administration Certification course by MIBM.
  • Working professionals that wish to pursue don’t have to give up their job as this unique program can be continued alongside. Even if you have to relocate yourself, the online MBA Certification can be sustained.
  • The curriculum is vast: You will study latest curriculum compared to the traditional Master Program in Business Administration, So without attending full-time brick and mortar classes, you will learn a vast curriculum.
  • Enhanced market value: After completion of this program, candidates have better market value and job opportunities which help them achieve higher success in their career.

Eligibility For Fast Track Online MBA Certification

Students who have completed Graduation in any stream with at least 45 percent of marks from any recognised institute have eligibility for this two year MBA. This fast track MBA Certification is an online program, and is thus made easily accessible to a wide range of students belonging to institutes affiliated to various recognised bodies.

Fast Track Online Master Program in Business Administration


Semester 1
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
Semester 2
  • Computer Applications in Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Communication
Semester 3
  • Operations Research
  • Business Environment
  • Legal Environment and Business Law
  • Production and Operation Management
Semester 4
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Information System
  • Elective Subject
  • Elective Subject

Note: 18% GST Included

Flexible Fees Payment Options For Online Fast Track MBA

Fee structure for online two year MBA at MIBM Global is fairly competitive. You are assured to get the world class education at an affordable price. We have pay as you learn scheme to make the payment easier for you. Fees can be paid online through NEFT, debit or credit cards transfer.

Why Choose MIBM Global For Online Fast Track Two Year MBA

  • MIBM offers abundant modes of learning MBA in a 2-year span of time. You will gain a practical and theoretical knowledge that requires you to value your time which requires being available for 15-20 hours per week.
  • One of the best business schools that provides access and re-access to all the resources that you maintain while the on-going Fast Track MBA 2 year course. You don’t need to worry about any of your missing lectures as they are always available online.
  • We have designed our online teaching sessions as per student’s lifestyle, we know you people are graduates and are working too at this age. To manage both we have come up with this online course especially for professionals.
  • When you can study online, you can study from any location of this world. We have maintained several modes of communication access that helps you be connected to us whenever you need us. Through emails, forums, chat groups, telephones etc MIBM assures exceptional support to make students rely on us for improvising their future prospects.
  • Our experienced team of faculty are the wealth of MIBM. With around 20 years of excellence for rendering educational services through online programs has made us amongst the most interactive and developed learning model.
  • You can indulge in online coursework, form discussions, essays, prepare journals, with a high quality research, and focus on the information to be achieved.
  • With the best online tutors and dedicated counsellors along with students, advisors take care in focusing to fulfil your requirements.
  • MIBM provides opportunities to participate in a course that attracts students to represent globally.

Career Scope after doing Online MBA

Doing online distance MBA for 2 years helps in broadening your knowledge and concepts related to business and management skills. The career advancements have encouraged shifting careers and to become a person with an intellectual ability that completely leads towards recruiters that might have interests in the students. With two year online MBA from MIBM you can excel in various aspects and attain jobs at the best MNC’s in financé, sales, business development, banks, public or private companies, multinational companies, hotels etc are some of the fields of where you can be recruited easily. Here are few opportunities to look forward to:

  • 1 Finance in Public sector
  • 2 Operations and project management
  • 3 Technology management
  • 4 Accounting
  • 5 E-business
  • 6 Entrepreneurship
  • 7 Global management.
  • 8 Financial research analyst
  • 9 Portfolio manager
  • 10 Financial advisor
Fast Track Two Year Master Program in Business Administration
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