Corporate Excellence Program

Corporate Excellence Program

Certification / Accredation/ Membership

Being in the online education arena for more than two decades, MIBM Global is incessantly working to provide a world class platform for online courses around the world. We believe that, similar standard of education is a basic right of all and it should not be made a privilege for few. Our educational philosophies are designed on the basis of developing values like understanding, tolerance and freedom of thoughts. We have compiled a great team of specialists and experts from corporate sectors to put together an institution which directs the path towards a thriving and booming career.

As one of the best institution in our segment, We, at MIBM value the importance of team work. Working in team and coordinating with the teammates is a necessary skill to be a successful professional in any business domain. Considering the benefits of team work, we have especially designed the various higher education programs for the executives of a corporate house. As a company, if you are planning to upgrade the knowledge of your employees, MIBM Global is one stop solution for you.

We have different kinds of courses like Master Program in Business Administration Certification, Executive Master Program in Business Administration Certification, Dual Certification, Digital Marketing, Six sigma certification and many more available to help the requirement of the professionals. The syllabus of our online programs are at par with the syllabus offered at the best brick and mortar school. The training is provided by our expert mentors of the subject. As a student, your employees will be assessed by our experts and all the assessment details will be provided on the website for your reference. More than this, the subjects will be explained and all the contents can be reviewed at any time from the given website so the students will not miss the class. Our mentors have compiled the course keeping in mind the students from all backgrounds. The pace of study will be as per the preference of the team and therefore, there won’t be any worries of not understanding the subject content. Your employees can access our course from the comfort of the office conference room with the help of an internet and laptop or desktop.

Our Corporate Excellence Program aims at providing world class course content to all the employees at the same time. This will allow them to discuss the study program among themselves and thus be on the same platform. It will also help them to use the skills practically while handling the issues at work. As an employer, you will also be benefitted from this course in a certain manner:

Employees with better skillset means better productivity. You will be able to retain your experienced staff as they won’t leave the job for education

Since company will be funding the course, you can have an agreement with employee to keep working for at least a particular duration.

After the completion of the course you will have a set of employees with far better knowledge as compared to the competitors.

As a corporate course we offer great discounts, thus, you can sponsor more employees.

Corporate excellence program at MIBM global offers the complete benefits of online education. We work over team spirit and personality development along with the core subjects of the course. Thus, we assure dual benefits to both the employer and the employee. Protection Status