About MIBM

Certification / Accredation/ Membership

MIBM is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified education Provider. The industry leaders & pioneers of education have got together and have created a mix of Education and Professional Growth. Our team consists of various individuals from a spectrum of Corporate Houses, Professors and leading Educational Pundits.

MIBM being a Pioneer in delivering quality global education across India, and also has focused on spreading education to every sphere of the society, with the focus of contributing towards Academic and Economic Development to every Individual

MIBM courses offered the flexibility and the knowledge which is adequate for a professional growth. Our students learnt to balance time with education at world standards. The MIBM education standards have been well appreciated and supported globally by leading Corporate houses and Multinational companies.

MIBM offers comprehensive Online Certification programs to train a new generation of Corporate Executives/ Managers and emerging Entrepreneurs to handle global challenges with the right global knowledge. It is our constant endeavour is to ensure aspiring students have a promising career and know how to balance time with education. The courses offered by MIBM are globally valued for the quality it imparts. Our Alumni comes from various corporate giants.

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